pianist and producer

Song I wrote called Fossvogur, me on piano and Maxim Frischmann on tenor sax

My first album is out now!

Examples of my production work

Over the Bridge
In the Light
Dirty 6

Contact: jgunnars26@gmail.com



I started playing classical piano when I was 7. When I was 14 I stopped playing piano and switched to guitar and drums as I thought it was cooler at the time. I went back to piano at 20 years old when I developed a love for jazz.

I studied at Icelandic Musicians Union School in Reykjavík and was active on the Icelandic jazz scene. I studied and worked in New York with Jeremy Manasia. I lived briefly in San Diego and Los Angeles where I also worked on production and as a session player.

I then moved to Berlin and worked there with various artists as a musician and producer. After that I moved to Dubai to work as a musician for a talent agency, all the while working as a producer.